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Finding kayaks in Ecuador is becoming a more and more challenging task, so if at all possible you SHOULD BRING YOUR OWN!

Many companies who used to rent kayaks are no longer doing so because too many rental boats have been broken in recent years. So, especially if you want to go creeking, find a way to get your kayak on the plane.

Finding Kayaks in Ecuadorbedrock canyon in ecuador kayaking

Bringing your own kayak to Ecuador is the safest bet these days as there aren't too many for rent or sale in the country right now (as of December 2010).

Having said that, it's also somewhat difficult to bring kayaks to Ecuador. If at all possible, book your flight with United. United does NOT fly all the way into Ecuador but they will often book you a ticket originating on United but finishing on Avianca. United DOES accept kayaks, and therefore, as kayakers, we should try to support them as much as possible! And many people have had luck with United checking their kayaks all the way through to Quito. Expect to pay $200 to get the boat on the plane.

If you are flying with Continental, AA, or Delta, you'll just have to read their rules and see what you can pull off--maybe write them a letter telling them all the reasons they SHOULD accept kayaks.

Take note of the fact that both Continental and AA have an excess luggage embargo from Nov. 15th-Jan. 15th. They might still take your boat, but NOT if it's your 3rd piece of luggage. Make sure you pack into 2 bags only.

If you fail to get your boat on the plane, don't worry, you'll be able to figure something out! First contact Small World Adventures as they often have kayaks for sale or for rent. Or just go to Tena and look for boats there at one of the many rafting companies. You never know what you'll find.

If you do get your boat to Ecuador and want to sell it at the end of your trip, email SWA, they are always looking to buy more boats.