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Quito quito hotels in quito

There are literally thousands of hotels to choose from in Quito. The list above includes just a few suggestions. Unless you want to tour Old Town, visit the Mitad Del Mundo or see the Otavalo Indigenous Markets, there is not much reason for kayakers to spend more than 1 night in Quito. Most of you will want to catch a bus to either Baeza or Tena to start your kayaking trip sooner rather than later! Just go to the bus station (terminal terreste) and look for a bus to Tena (this bus will get you to Tena--obviously--but it also passes through Baeza, so you're set either way).

Safety in Quito

Quito, during the day is quite a safe city.  But, just like any big city anywhere in the world, it has its problems with petty theft. If you are going out to dinner, out to the bars, riding buses, etc...practice common sense. Either go in a large group, or better yet, take a taxi to your destination, and especially take one home.  Drunk gringos wandering around Quito at 2am are easy targets for pick pockets, muggers, etc…If you do go out, leave most of your money, your passport, cameras and such in the hotel—they are much safer there—and take only what money you need for the night out.  Basically, just be “street smart” and error on the paranoid side if you have to.